Monday, February 27, 2006

Checks and Balances...

The following is a quotation from the opening remarks of A More Perfect Union: The Creation of the U.S. Constitution;
"The call for a bill of rights had been the anti-Federalists' most powerful weapon. Attacking the proposed Constitution for its vagueness and lack of specific protection against tyranny, Patrick Henry asked the Virginia convention, "What can avail your specious, imaginary balances, your rope-dancing, chain-rattling, ridiculous ideal checks and contrivances." The anti-Federalists, demanding a more concise, unequivocal Constitution, one that laid out for all to see the right of the people and limitations of the power of government, claimed that the brevity of the document only revealed its inferior nature. Richard Henry Lee despaired at the lack of provisions to protect "those essential rights of mankind without which liberty cannot exist." Trading the old government for the new without such a bill of rights, Lee argued, would be trading Scylla for Charybdis."
Indeed! How are we to counterbalance and keep in check the 'power' given by We The People, to Our government? The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights was intended as just such a 'counterbalance'. It was to be utilized should the First Amendment prove Ineffective in its Intended purpose(s). Are we now expected to blindly follow where 'they' lead us? Even if the identifiable destination is the ruin of Our Freedoms and Liberties? And, God only knows, what's beyond that?
What is to keep those, whom are in positions of power, in their Rightful place? Can it be reasoned that they expect us to trust them without question? Has there not been ample historical proof(s) that unchecked power leads to corruption? Is it not evident that corruption has been more and more prevalent? Not only in our government(s), but in big business. (Whom are the ones that apparently seem to be actually calling the shots in our country these days). Big business after all, has the financial wherewithal to sway our pandering politicians.
Our Rights have been steadily undermined by 'special interest' groups espousing doctrine that is plainly contrary to the Founding Principles of our Country. And they expect us to trust them, despite the clear evidence that they are so willing to forsake the Principles that made Our Nation great? Do We The People honestly believe that people, such as these that have forsaken so great a heritage, have Our best interest at heart? It certainly appears so.
The Second Amendment was intended as a crucial aspect of the 'checks and balances' system. This fact is readily discernible in the Federalist Papers. Being that there is evidence that the government, along with big business can so readily dismiss our founding Principles. Principles meant to keep unprincipled people in line with the Intentions for our country. And there is evidence of concerted effort(s) at restricting, or removing entirely, the only effective means of keeping them in check. What is the method that can then be employed to keep these types of people from TOTAL disregard for We The People?
The only way for the People to turn this potentially monstrous scenario around. Is to reclaim the power that is Rightfully Ours. By allowing, the perversion of the Intended system, we are making the chances of recovery more slim with the passing of time. Which poses another question; Just when is enough, ENOUGH? What will it take, for the masses to awaken to the eminent danger(s) that we are faced with? How much MORE perversion will it take to rouse us from our lethargy?

Sleep-time is OVER, America. It is time for us to WAKE UP and resume our Rightful place. As it IS, We The People, that are the Intended source from which all Legitimate Power flows!


Jay said...

Amen to that!

I don't know if people will wake up in time to realize this, though. We can only hope, pray, and work to sound the alarm.

E. David Quammen said...

Sad to say, bud, but true. Although I do not discount the power of God, at all. In fact, it would seem an impossibility that we be disarmed. For there is prophesy, that will take an armed people to fulfill. We need to employ whatever wisdom that can be mustered to effect the much needed change.
Take it easy, Jay!