Friday, March 31, 2006

Arizona Gun News....

Special Arizona Gun News

1. Armed Minutemen in April
Tons of front-page coverage on immigration crimes is plastered on Arizona newspapers, but the media have generally refused to report that the Minutemen, armed and ready, will be watching for illegal border crossers for the full month of April (starts tomorrow, April 1). Details on "Secure Our Borders" at If you decide to actually drive down for a day or two you will never forget the experience.
The Minuteman project is a pure First Amendment exercise, though the media hides this fact from you. People are using the right to assemble, on land they have a right to be on, and speaking into cell phones to alert federal Border Patrol agents of suspicious activity. That's it. First Amendment only. There is a 100% no-contact-with-illegals policy or you're thrown out.
Many volunteers go armed because
1-It's your constitutional right; 2 - It's perfectly legal; 3 - It's a good idea -- what better place to be armed than in a neighborhood where thousands of people are illegally streaming through EVERY DAY. Because of the 100% no-contact policy, you are required to abandon your post if illegals come toward you, so guns remain holstered. Fail to obey that rule and you're off the project immediately with no wiggle room. Standard state rules on self defense apply (see the new 2006 edition of The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide for details).

2. Meet Minuteman Leader Chris Simcox in Phoenix
Simcox will be the featured speaker at libertarian Ernie Hancock's "Breakfast Club" on Sat., April 1, at Coco's Restaurant, N. side of E. Cactus Rd., just W. of Tatum Blvd. Doors open at 7:30 a.m., delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast, $10 admission, program wraps up by 10 a.m. Meet the man who started it all in a casual face-to-face setting.
3. Arizona Self Defense Bill (SB1145) Needs Support
Self defense means nothing if the law is stacked against you, as it currently is in Arizona. Using deceit and trickery, the law was changed by prosecutors to make you guilty unless you can prove your innocence -- the exact opposite of the American way. I know, it's hard to believe but true. Now, Senate Bill 1145 can fix that, and YOU can make a big difference. Get all the details from the hottest civil rights group going, the Arizona Citizens Defense League,, or write them at
To have more effect in the gun-rights issues in Arizona, use the blue "Tactics That Work" button on my home page.
PLUG:New guide for restoring lost gun rights -- "Brady Denial."2006 Traveler's Guide, and AZ Guide, on my website.
Coming real soon -- gun guides for Oregon and North Carolina.
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