Saturday, April 22, 2006

This from a friend of mine covering our behinds 'over there'....

The following is from a buddy of mine stationed over in Yemen. His name is Justin and he resigned his post as a Marine Corps. Recruiter to 'get into the mix'. Justin's a good man and I appreciate that he put his ass on the line to help secure our country from cowardly 'terrorist's'.
He has a rare rifle, at the shop I used to work at, waiting for him on his return. (It's a beauty to!).
Justin provided some photo's of him and some of our guys training in Yemen. And also wrote the following:
" Hey all. Okay, so I'm back among the living, (and clean and well fed, whew!) So they're keeping me pretty... 'busy' over here, but I just had a second to email, so I wanted to give you all an update. The specifics, of course, cannot be sent over Gmail ;) but here's what I've got. Yemen sucks. Just did some training with a counter-terrorism unit, (that doesn't exist, so don't ask,) and it was awesome! These guys are ABSOLUTELY FEARLESS! They are pretty much hunted in their own country, (they have rounded up somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 Al-Qaida in the region since the war started.) Some of the pictures I'm sending you are from our 'shoot house,' an urban training facility we use. I was an observer and evaluator for the Yemenese guys, along with some Army Special Forces guys, and then my Marines got to play. (You'll see some of the shoots we did in the pictures I'm attaching.) Unfortunately, I was observing and instructing most of the time, so I didn't get to pull triggers as much as I would have liked, but oh well. Other than that, been pretty busy with bunker drills, camp security/security patrols in the local area (and others,) etc., etc."

That' Justin with the sunglasses on the right. Thanks bud! And all our people covering us!

Hope the best for Justin. As well as each and every one of our guys putting themselves in harms way for us. And may God bless and keep them safe and bring them back home in one piece! Thank you again, one and all!

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