Saturday, May 20, 2006

My 5/19/06 (pm) encounter with the Phoenix 'Police'.....

Just had a run in with about 6 of Phoenix's Gestapo. The dogs were barking so I went outside to the alley to see what's up. An officer shined a light on me and then pulled up. Tells me to keep my hands where he can see them. No problem. Then he tells me 'I need for you to give me your gun'. And I said no, you don't, I've got Rights. He stated 'My safety comes first.' In turn I said, think you have that backwards. I'm the citizen and you are the servant. He then says "I don't need a civics lesson, are you going to comply or not?" I then say I have a Constitutionally protected Right to keep and bear arms, you are a public servant and have no right to disarm me. I've presented no threat to you and you are not justified to disarm me. He then calls in the 'goon' squad.
The goon squad, sensing the possibility for blood-letting, got there real fast of course. I did offer him the gun rather than being bludgeoned into submission. Which he promptly unloaded. By this time there are 6 of them there. And he stated about dept. 'policy' and the safety of the police taking precedence. I then told them that they were trained wrong then. The citizen takes prcedence - NOT the servant. Who do you suppose pays your salary, I asked? Then went on to say that the training they are giving is that which promotes the 'us' vs. 'them' mentality. And they would have much more support of the community if they treated the citizens with the respect justly due them. Only the one officer had argued the point. The rest stood back looking at each other.
The reason I'm going into this in detail. Is to advise that this is how L.E. is now being trained. That THEY are superior to We The People. And that their 'safety' takes precedence over that of We The People. I asked them if that made any sense. One said we have to do what we are trained to do.
Then I asked what about the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Do you realize the reason why the citizen is supposed to be armed? He then says, no but I'm sure your going to tell me. And, of course I then told him how it was as a protection against usurpation, arbitrary rule and the tyranny of government. And that the Citizen does, in fact, take precedence over the 'public servant'. He stopped talking and then of course they all had to leave, (before the donut shop closed, I imagine).
Should point out that I have had many dealings with Police officers when I managed the gun store. And, that the vast majority I've encountered seemed like very decent people. Not exhibiting the 'superior' attitude that seems so prevalent these days. So, I'm not making a blanket condemnation here. That the type of 'training', mentioned previously, that is being employed. Is something that goes beyond condemnation is what I contend. For it has far more sinister implications. It is the sign of a deliberately taught institutional mindset that will lead to very deadly consequences.

So, this is what we are up against people. L.E. is being trained to think that they are superior to us. That the welfare of the servant outweighs that of the Citizen. A very dangerous precedent to be setting. They are now taught that they are our 'rulers'. Wonder if any of them had ever learned that it is We The People, as spelled out in the Federalist Papers, whom are the Legitimate and Ultimate Authority? Doesn't appear to be the case. Sickening.....


Stan said...

They need to learn a lesson.
They need a course solely on the Constitution, before they enforce the law. That's reasonable.

Good job.
I really can't say what I would've done.

Im a freedom lover, Scottish ancestory, rebelious, and easily angered over my unjust treatment.

Things like that never happen to me. Perhaps it is for the better.

E. David Quammen said...

"They need to learn a lesson.
They need a course solely on the Constitution, before they enforce the law. That's reasonable."

Truer words could not have been written, Stan!

I'm of Scot, Irish, German and Norwegian decent, with a wee bit of American Indian, (don't drink anymore - so the world is safe). So rebelion and anger, as well as a fierce determination run through my veins.

It took me a long time, but finally discovered that wisdom is the better part of valor. Had this happened in my younger years, God only knows what would have been the outcome. More than likely, I'd be in the morgue, hospital or jail right now.

Freedom is to be loved....

Strehlem said...


I'm not sure what to say...we were talking about forming groups to go protect each other's RKBA and then it happens right in your own backyard.

Remember to organize your neighbors. The outcome might have been different under your "Guns night out" proposition...or if six of you had confronted one weasel in the alley instead of the other way round...

E. David Quammen said...

It was an eye opener all right. And convinced me even more that organizing is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, the neighborhood I'm in has no people willing to organize. They are all to afraid. My girlfriend and I are known as the 'watch-dogs'. They rely on us, instead of temselves. Go figure.....

Strehlem said...


...You've got a hard row to hoe, there.

You could follow up with a citizen's grievance to the local review board.

Of course, a donation to the local FOP for a car decal might be helpful.

I'm guessing you're a known quantity, now, anyway...

E. David Quammen said...

I was known previously, by most of the local ones. The prevalent attitude, I believe, was that they didn't have to worry about this neighborhood because they knew I was here. And that I'm not a hinderance, but an asset. As my girlfriend and I take an active role in keeping the criminal element out of the neighborhood.

Have a couple of friends that are undercover Phoenix P.D. and get along well with most officers I've met. Didn't recognize any of the ones that responded, so they must all be rookies.

The usual guys that patrol the neighborhood have never acted like this one guy did, (actually two, there was another small incident that transpired involving the flashlight I had. But it was not worth mentioning).

The training aspect is what bothered me the most. As it indicates the value of the servant takes precedent over the citizens they serve. And whom pay their salaries. A little prideful and arrogant in my minds eye.

Am a firm believer in:

"The most important political office is that of the private citizen." - Louis D. Brandeis, Judge

Any time that a 'superior' attitude is allowed by those in government, the citizen is reduced to a subject. That is not the America I want to live in.

If I knew of a better place in the world and had the resources, I'd be out of here. A lot of other people would as well, I'm sure. Judging by what I read every day.

True freedom in America has been waning for years. Hell, we're not even a true Constitutional Republic anymore. More like some type of morphed Comm/Nazi/Socialist arbitrary ruled serfdom.

Gaelic Ioudaious said...

Well it is about time. I was wondering what you were up to.

I just asked you in a post what in the world happened. Here lies the truth people. A true Patriot.

Rottie Owner