Saturday, September 23, 2006


"That as early as the year 1821, the then Republic of Mexico invited emigrants from the United States, to settle in the province of Texas, then a wilderness, overrun by various tribes of Indians, whom the government either wanted the will or power to hold in subjection; and to whose warlike and marauding spirit, the border towns and settlements of Mexico were, and, for a great many years had been, constant objects of murder and plunder. To overcome this long existing evil, a population was sought capable of subduing, and, in effect, conquering the country from the savage foes of the Mexican claimants. They had no people fitted for the object. By colonization laws and contracts, strong inducements were held out to emigrants from these United States..."
"To a people dependent to a great extent upon the rifle for subsistence, and who were surrounded by the most powerful and war-like Nations of Indians on this continent, who, had the colonists been disarmed, would have slaughtered them like the helpless herd, and exterminated the colony without giving the party of the dictator further trouble, nothing could be more shocking than to be deprived of their arms. The consequence need hardly be told. Instant and universal revolt followed of course.--The colonists, with the proscribed rifles in their hands, met Gen. Cos midway...."
My, my how times have certainly changed.....

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