Monday, October 09, 2006

"The Sword that is drawn in the Defence of Liberty is consecrated..."

"...Let us begin with contemplating in Retrospect, the Scenes, which are already passed. Entitled to the Character of Freemen you saw a system formed for debasing you to the Condition of Slaves. Vested by bounteous Heaven with the Right of being governed by yourselves, or by those, upon whom you devolved the Powers of Government, you saw others, avow a Claim of governing you, without your Consent in all Cases whatever. Alarmed at Pretensions, to which Submission would have been Treason, you did, what a free and temperate People ought to do,--you petitioned and remonstrated against y our Grievances; but you petitioned and remonstrated in a Tone which evinced your Determination never to bear them. Your Oppressors turned a deaf ear to your Supplications. Your Wrongs were multiplied, and [their Severity was] increased. To feet, and to say that you felt them, were accounted Crimes. Arms were employed to punish you for not surrendering your Birth-right; and to wrest from you what you would not, relinquish. What remained on your Part, to be done? To oppose Force by Force. The Sword that is drawn in the Defence of Liberty is consecrated...."
- Inhabitants of the United States, Journals of the Continental Congress, MAY 29, 1777.

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