Saturday, February 10, 2007

Now that's what I'm talking about.....

“...All ships or other vessels, with their rigging, tackle, apparel and furniture, and with their cargoes, found in the possession of pirates.”

“The goods, wares and merchandizes to be adjudged contraband, are the following, that is to say,”

Cannons, mortars, fire-arms, pistols, bombs, granadoes, bullets, balls, fuses, flints, matches, powder, salt-petre, sulphur, carcases, pikes, swords, belts, pouches, cartouch-boxes, saddles and bridles, in any quantity beyond what may be necessary for the ship's provision, and may properly appertain to, and be adjudged necessary for, every man of the ship's crew or for each passenger....”

“...Upon the capture of any other vessel, if made by a vessel of war, belonging to the United States, one half of the property condemned shall be decreed to the United States, and the other half to the captors, to be divided as aforesaid; if by a private vessel no; having a commission, the whole shall be decreed to the captors: if by any body or detachment of regular or other troops in the service of the United States, the whole shall be adjudged to the captors, to be divided in proportion to the pay in the line of the army: if by inhabitants of the country, being in arms, the whole shall be adjudged to the captors, to be divided equally among them: provided, that if any such inhabitant shall be wounded in making the capture, he shall be entitled to two shares, and if killed, his legal representatives shall be entitled to four shares; if by the crews of British vessels, the whole shall be adjudged to the captors, to be divided at the discretion of the court....”

- Journals of the Continental Congress, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1781

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