Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here's one from Tom that I haven't seen before;

"April 10th (1788). Frankfort. Hocheim. Mayence. The little tyrants round about having disarmed their people, and made it very criminal to kill game, one knows when they quit the territory of Frankfort by the quantity of game which is seen. In the Republic, everybody being allowed to be armed, and to hunt on their own lands, there is very little game left in its territory. The hog hereabouts resembles extremely the little hog of Virginia. Round like that, a small head, and short upright ears. This makes the ham of Mayence so much esteemed at Paris."

- Thomas Jefferson, Miscellany, 1784-1788, TRAVEL JOURNALS, "Memorandums on a Tour from Paris to Amsterdam, Strasburg, and back to Paris" March 3, 1788.

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