Saturday, May 19, 2007

Before the 1968 Nazi-styled 'Gun Control' Act;

- People could mail order firearms.
- People could acquire handguns outside their state of residence.
- People from different states could privately sale handguns.
- Individuals under the age of 21 could purchase a handgun, and individuals under the age of 18 could buy a shotgun or rifle.
- People that had previously violated the law and whom were once again free, included ex-felons. Could purchase firearms and exercise their right to Self-Defense as intended.
- The instances of "mass shootings" were extremely rare. The only memorable one being that of Charles Whitman at the University of Texas.
Since the enactment of the un-constitutional 1968 act;
- There have been more than 100 mass shootings.
- Crime has risen dramatically, especially violent crime....
[Ref. - Which came first - the gun violence or the gun control?]


Anonymous said...

I agree with your thoughts about guns, my friend but while surfing some sites on gun rights and their erosion, I came across this completely nutty broad who has a scary agenda. I'm spreading the word cause we gotta tell her like it is. Check out this link :

E. David Quammen said...

Thanks for the info. Went to check it out. And of course, he/she/it is a total coward. Doesn't even allow comments on it's blog.

To me, that spells a perverse subversive element. Seeking to spread their poison without having to face any contention for their BS.

Self-Preservation is the First Law of Nature. Our Creator implanted it into the hearts of His whole creation. So he/she/it's claims are totally ridiculous.