Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Williamsburg, "and of the Number and Condition of their Arms", Aug. 20, 1776

Williamsburg, August 20, 1776.


As we have great Reason to believe that our Enemies will make a vigorous Attack on this Commonwealth if they should not succeed in their Attempts against New York, where they have at this Time a very large and formidable Force, which may be transported hither in a few Days: I have thought proper, by the Advice of the COUNCIL, to direct that the Militia of this State be immediately trained, armed, and prepared for Action, in the best Manner our Circumstances will permit. Remissness in this important Business may be attended with the most fatal Consequences. You are therefore, Sir, required forthwith to give the necessary Orders for arming and training the Officers and Men under your Command. Your Guns must be carefully examined, and necessary Repairs made. You must be particularly careful to procure good Powder Horns and Shot Bags, or Cartouch Boxes, with as much Powder, Lead, and Flints, as you can; and you are also immediately to make a full Return of the present Number of your Militia, and of the Number and Condition of their Arms, and the Quality of Ammunition, &c.

GIVEN, under my Hand, this 20th of August, 1776.

JOHN PAGE, President.

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