Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Businesses who deny citizens their rights to self defense

The thought for this type of action has been floating around in my, (and many others), mind for quite some time. Was on a forum in the Topix "Guns" section; "Do you really think "no guns allowed" signs work?" today. And a regular poster, ("Trin Tragula"), gave the following link: "Here in Northern Colorado, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners keeps a list on their web site for us to refer to, that seems pretty reliable." The page lists businesses who refuse We The People, who choose to carry arms, entrance into their establishments. As well as businesses that have seen the error of their [formerly tyrannical] ways, and now allow We The People to carry on their premises.

So, the point of this post is for readers to post businesses; Name, Address, City and State, of those who refuse to allow an armed citizen on their property. And spread the word to our fellow citizens to NOT frequent their establishments until they change their 'policy'. For nothing can change minds more quickly than potential loss of income.

Please feel free to post any business that you are aware of that denies We The People to be armed on their premises. This can be done by adding their Name, Address, City and State into a comment. Please also remember to post those that have retracted their former [tyrannical] stance, and now allow armed citizens on their premises. This is important, for it provides incentive to others to follow the example.