Thursday, May 30, 2013

What happened to our right?

   Anyone that has given this website an even moderate perusal. Can readily ascertain that there is a substantial amount of historical information concerning the right to keep and bear arms contained herein. This site was originally intended as the blog for the main website; In order to post interesting discoveries as they were found. So that it wouldn't get lost among the very large amount of historical data contained within. Much more of that information will, God willing, be added onto this site as time permits.

   During the almost six thousand hours of intense study devoted to the subject of arms in the hands of We, The People. One can logically assume that there have been some conclusions arrived at. Not only concerning the right itself, which in the mind of the author is. As Thomas Jefferson might have termed, "Self-Evident". But perhaps even more importantly; What happened to our right?

   There have always been those, without attempting to cast any negativity upon them. That are conscientiously scrupulous of bearing arms. Which the founders of our nation always were aware of, and thoughtfully made allowances for. Then of course there were the cowardly, and those that succumbed to the spirit of effeminacy. (Both terms borrowed from historical usage discovered during the course of studies). And then of course there are those that are in "power". Due to which, have a natural predisposition to becoming tyrannical. For, "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". And, that power has a natural tendency to enlarge itself. And will do so by any means possible, but usually by deception. For example; 'It is necessary for the public safety'. The last of which, are by far the most dangerous of all to our right. For they, through deceit, charm the people out of the necessary arms of defense. The very arms that were intended to be employed against their type of iniquity. Then of course there are our "public servants". Which insist that we shouldn't be armed, for it hinders their service to the "public". That, for their "safety", it is best that their masters not be armed. Which is of course a total absurdity. For which comes first, the "safety" of the masters. Or the [supposed] "safety" of the servants? It is my contention that the masters come first. For the "servants" wouldn't even exist without them. Lastly, there are those that are downright evil. And, out of fear of facing immediate retribution for their evil deeds. Naturally seek to have the means of redress removed. All of the examples given, will combine and even use the others in order to achieve the desired goal. Which is of course: a disarmed people.

   Failure, on the part of We The People, to turn the perversion of our right around. Will inevitably lead to the total destruction of freedom and liberty. If not even the annihilation of our society as a whole. History is fraught with examples. The most glaring of which can readily be gleaned from the last century. Having the faces of men like Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and Stalin attached to them. Will We, The People, wind up as yet another stark "example" in the annals of history? Or, will we throw off the bands that have been perversely attempting to bind us. As our forebears had done so many years ago? Do we Sink, or swim? What is our choice to be?

A free people are armed, slaves are not. Which one are you? 

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