Friday, June 14, 2013

"and to keep and bear arms"

   "The above constitution was signed by General Washington as president, and the delegates from twelve states, on the 17th of September 1787, and received the approbation of all the states. Some amendments have since been ena[c]ted, respecting the free exercise of religion, the freedom of the press, the right of the people to assemble and petition for redress of grievances, and to keep and bear arms: also respecting security against unwarrantable seizures or searches, trials, and indictments, quartering of soldiers, excessive bail, and other rights preserved to the people."

[The Wonders of Nature and Art; Or, A CONCISE ACCOUNT OF WHATEVER IS MOST CURIOUS AND REMARKABLE IN THE WORLD; Whether relating to its Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Productions, or to the Manufactures, Buildings, and Inventions of its Inhabitants: Compiled from Historical and Geographical Works of established Celebrity, and illustrated with the Discoveries of modern Travellers. By the Rev. THOMAS SMITH, Author of the Universal Atlas, Sacred Mirror &c. &c. "Review these numerous scenes, at once survey Nature's extended face, then Sceptics say, In this wide field of wonders, can you find No art discover'd, and no end design'd?" VOL. X. LONDON: PRINTED FOR J. WALKER, NO. 44, PATERNOSTER-ROW; J. HARRIS, CORNER OF ST. PAUL'S CHURCH-YARD; VERNOR AND HOOD, IN THE POULTRY; T. HURST, PATERNOSTER-ROW; AKD CROSBY AND CO. STATIONER-COURT. 1804. Pg. 60]

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