Monday, June 17, 2013

"and when that period arrives, they will stand by their arms

   "The Baltimore Republican gives its dictum in staring capitals thus" WE SAY, DISMISS THEM TO A MAN." Not even an exception is to be tolerated. Thus, sir, it has become "democratic" in these days to exact that a "democratic" Governor shall play the tyrant, to discharge ihe debts he "owes his friends" by removing from office all political opponents, no matter how great may be iheir qualifications in point of fidelity, integrity, industry and talent! When this shall become the settled practice of the National and State Governments (of which there is imminent danger) upon the election of a new Executive, then, truly, "the post of honor be the private station." Then men of high moral and intellectual worth, engaged in the various avocations of life, and the humble and honest, yet less gifted, but equally meritorious citizens, who earn a support for his beloved family by the sweat his face, will stand aloof from political and official plunder, until they become intolerable; and when that period arrives, they will stand by their arms."--SPEECH OF Mr. UNDERWOOD, In the House of Representatives, Wednesday, January 16, 1838. [THE CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE, CONTAINING SKETCHES OF THE DEBATES AND PROCEEDINGS OF THE TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. BLAIR AND RIVES, EDITORS. THIRD SESSION--VOLUME VII. CITY OF WASHINGTON: PRINTED AT THE GLOBE OFFICE, FOR THE EDITORS. 1839. Pg. 375]

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