Friday, June 21, 2013

"but arms and accoutrements shall not be liable to be seized or taken under any pretence whatsoever"

   "Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That every male white inhabitant liable to and appear as aforesaid, shall when summoned and appearing as aforesaid, in his division or district, if required, carry with him one good and sufficient gun or pair of pistols, and at least nine cartridges to fit the same, or twelve loads of powder and ball, or buck shot, under the penalty of one dollar for every day he shall neglect so to do.

   "Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That no civil officer or any person whatsoever, shall on any pretence, execute any warrant or process, unless for felony, treason or breach of the peace, on any person or persons, during the time any such person or persons, shall working upon the said roads, or in going to, and returning from working and as aforesaid on the same, or Within twenty four hours after such person or persons be discharged from working upon such roads, under the penalty of ten dollars; and the service of such warrant or summons on any person, is hereby declared to be null and void all intents and purposes; and during the time aforesaid, not any implement, for any cause, matter or things whatever, except it be for any payment or assessment mentioned in, or for any fine or forfeiture incurred by this act; but arms and accoutrements shall not be liable to be seized or taken under any pretence whatsoever; and in case any person shall seize, distrain or levy upon any such implements of labor, arms and accoutrements except as aforesaid, every such person shall forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars."

[A COMPILATION OF THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF GEORGIA, PASSED BY THE LEGISLATURE SINCE THE POLITICAL YEAR 1800, TO THE YEAR 1810, INCLUSIVE. CONTAINING All the laws, whether in force or not, passed within those periods, arranged in a chronological order, with comprehensive references to those laws or parts of laws, that arc amended, suspended, or repealed. TOGETHER With an appendix, comprising such concurred and approved resolutions, as are of a general operative nature, and as relate to the duty of officers, the relief of individuals, and the settlement of boundary between counties, and this State with North Carolina. Concluding with a copious Index to the whole. BY AUGUSTIN SMITH CLAYTON, ESQ'R. PRINTED BY ADAMS & DUYCKINCK. 1812. Pg. 352]

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