Saturday, June 15, 2013

"may be permitted to keep and use guns, powder, shot and weapons offensive or defensive"

"§ 5. No negro, mulatto, or Indian whatsoever, shall keep or carry any gun, powder, shot, club, or other weapon whatsoever, offensive or defensive, but all and every gun, weapon and ammunition found in the possession or custody of any negro, mulatto, or Indian, may be seized by any person and upon due proof thereof made before any justice of the peace of the county where such seizure shall be, shall by his order, be forfeited to the seizor for his own use, and moreover every such offender shall have and receive by order of such justice any number of lashes not exceeding thirty nine, on his of her bare back, well laid on for every such offence.

"§ 6. Provided nevertheless, That every free negro, mulatto or indian, being a house keeper may be permitted to keep one gun, powder and shot, and all negroes, mulattoes and Indians, bond or free, living at any frontier plantation, may be permitted to keep and use guns, powder, shot and weapons offensive or defensive, by license from a Justice of peace of the county wherein such plantations lie, to be obtained upon the application of free negroes mulattoes, or indians, or by the owners of such as are slaves." [Pg. 106]

[LAWS Of KENTUCKY; Comprehending those of a GENERAL NATURE now in force; and which have been acted on by the Legislature thereof. TOGETHER WITH A COPIOUS INDEX AND A LIST OF LOCAL OR PRIVATE ACTS, With the dates of the Sessions at which they were passed. To Which is Prefixed The CONSTITUTION of the United States, with the amendments. The ACT of SEPARATION from the state of VIRGINIA. And The CONSTITUTION of Kentucky. LEXINGTON: PRINTED BY JOHN BRADFORD MAIN-STREET. 1799.] 

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