Monday, June 17, 2013

The storm clouds were on the horizon for quite some time....

   "Mr. BOULDIN would submit, then; but still was satisfied that he had a right to present reasons as would induce him to vote for the gentleman's proposition, whether they were so to Speaker or not. If, however, he might be permitted to finish the sentence he commenced, he would sit down. It is this: That by these inferences drawn from this course, Northern people are made to believe that Southern people wish to stop their mouths, and this he did not hold to be true. And, by the same inferences, Southern people are made to believe that Northern people are preparing to take up arms and march in battle array to emancipate their slaves, and neither did he believe this..."--HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Saturday, December 22, 1838. [THE CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE, CONTAINING SKETCHES OF THE DEBATES AND PROCEEDINGS OF THE TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. BLAIR AND RIVES, EDITORS. THIRD SESSION--VOLUME VII. CITY OF WASHINGTON: PRINTED AT THE GLOBE OFFICE, FOR THE EDITORS. 1839.]

   Obviously the impending American Civil war had been coming to fruition for decades. Just as all of the tyranny and disregard for the Constitution. As well as the rights of the people, that we see currently. Do We The People really want to go down that same road? Or, do we stand up NOW, and force our servants back into their Constitutionally delegated positions? The question cannot afford to be ignored any longer. For the clangs of the chains of tyranny are almost deafening at this juncture. What is our choice to be?
"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."--George Santayana
   Would it be fair to ourselves, or to our posterity. As well as to the memory of those that had secured to us "the blessings of Liberty". To disregard these obvious warnings we see today? And just bow our heads in submission to the evil intent on enslaving us? Instead of turning to the Great Author of those very rights, as our forebears had done. And humbly seeking His forgiveness and aid? If the former, then we are indeed unworthy of those blessings which were passed down to us. And deserve to have those chains fitted tightly around our necks...

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