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"to impress* any arms, ammunition, provisions, horses, waggons, carts..."

  62. And be it enacted, That in time of an alarm, occasioned by any insurrection, rebellion or invasion, all field officers, and captains of every company, are empowered by themselves or their warrants to any inferior officer or soldier, to impress* any arms, ammunition, provisions, horses, waggons, carts, boats, canoes, pettiaugers and vessels, with their furniture, or whatever other thing they shall want or have need of for the service of this state:
  63. Provided all such things so impressed, be by the said officers brought before three or more indifferent persons, being freeholders, to be appraised and valued before they be disposed of for the public service; and such valuation and appraisement being made, the officer shall give a receipt for the if he conveniently can; and the officer is to cause his clerk to enter the same in a book to be kept for that purpose; and the said appraisers shall ascertain any loss or damage that may happen to the things so impressed, or allow a competent hire for the same when returned to the owner, as the case shall require, and shall give such appraisement, under hands to the owner, directed to the public treasurers, who are to lay the same before the legislature; and the commanding officer or captain of each company, after such alarm shall be over, and before such company shall be discharged, is to order so many men as he shall think fit, to carry the several things by him impressed, to the respective owners, who, upon re-delivery of the same, shall give a receipt.

[AN ALPHABETICAL DIGEST OF THE PUBLIC STATUTE LAW OF SOUTH CAROLINA IN THREE VOLUMES. BY JOSEPH BREVARD, One of the Judges of the Courts of General Sessions and Common Pleas, and an Associate Judge of the Constitutional Court of Appeals of the State of South Carolina. Vol. II. CHARLESTON, (S.C.) PUBLISHED BY JOHN HOFF, NO. 117 BROAD STREET. 1814. Pg. 59]
* - im·press 2  (m-prs)
tr.v. im·pressed, im·press·ing, im·press·es
1. To compel (a person) to serve in a military force.
2. To seize (property) by force or authority; confiscate.
n. (mprs)

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