Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"who could fly to arms with the promptitude of Roman citizens"

   "But wherefore should we consine the edge of censure to our ancestors, or those from whom they purchased? Are not we equally guilty? They strewed around the seeds of slavery; we cherish and sustain the growth.--They introduced the system; we enlarge, invigorate, and confirm it. Yes, let it be handed down to posterity, that the people of Maryland, who could fly to arms with the promptitude of Roman citizens, when the hand of oppression was lifted up against themselves; who could behold their country desolated and their citizens slaughtered; who could brave with unshaken firmness every calamity of war, before they would submit to the smallest infringement of their rights: that this very people could yet see thousands of their fellow-creatures, within the limits cf their territory, bending beneath an unnatural yoke; and, instead of being assiduous to destroy their shackles, anxious to immortalize their duration; so that a nation of slaves might for ever exist in a country, where freedom is its boast."--Speech of William Pinkney, Esq. in the House of Delegates of Maryland, delivered at their Session in November 1789. THE AMERICAN MUSEUM: OR, ANNUAL REGISTER OF FUGITIVE PIECES, ANCIENT AND MODERN. FOR THE YEAR 1798. "Tros Tyriusque mihi nullo discrimine agetur." Printed for MATHEW CAREY, Philadelphia, By W. & R. DICKSON Lancaster. JUNE 20 M.DCC.XCIX. Pg. 81]

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