Friday, July 05, 2013

"a great deal of interest was evinced in our right to bear arms"

District Attorney Notified

  The substance of the placards and circulars was reported to District Attorney F. G. Caffey. He said no opinions ever were given as to the legality of an action and that "the matter hadn't come officially to the notice of his office."

  "I know that some of the literature this office is sending out seems seditious," White said last night, "but it really isn't. The Constitution grants the right of social revolution through a constitutional convention and it grants the right of local militia. "We haven't had a constitutional convention in 130 years and we need one to educate the people. At the meeting I addressed this morning, a great deal of interest was evinced in our right to bear arms. That clause was put in the Constitution to protect the smaller units of the country from possible tyranny at Washington. Many of the men present this morning had never heard of it.

  "Rhode Island, tho thirteenth state to enter the Union, held out until the arms-bearing clause was inserted...."

- New York Tribune, Monday, March 17, 1919. Vol. LXXVIII No. 26,419.Pg. 5

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