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"and buy a revolver without explaining why he needs it."


Coroner at Inquest Scores Dealers Who Sell Without Restraint


Declares Need of Laws From Bench in Holding Boy for Court

    Dealers who sell firearms without inquiring as to the use the weapons are to be put were rebuked today by Coroner Knight and Magistrate Pennock.
"This Is an example of the kind of accidents that are bound to occur when firearms can be purchased without restraint," the Coroner said at the inquest into the death of George Wilson, thirty-four years old, of 103 Federal street, who was shot and killed by James Carney, twenty-five years old, of 214 Manton street, on February 3.

   Carney was held without ball to await the action of the Grand Jury.

   Wilson was shot as he left the saloon at Second and Manton streets. A patrolman was standing within a few feet of him when he fell, but no trace of the assailant was found. Last week Carney gave himself up and confessed to the shooting, saying he had not come forward sooner because he wanted to retain his liberty until he attended the burial of his sister.

   He testified today he had been trying to sell a revolver before the shooting, and that he still had it in his hand when Wilson left the saloon. The revolver accidently exploded, killing Wilson.

Magistrate Pennock's Rebuke

   Magistrate Pennock issued a rebuke to dealers during the hearing of Reinhold Rohr, sixteen years old, 113 West Allgeheny avenue. The boy was arrested for carrying a revolver.

   On being questioned by the magistrate Rohr said he had bought the revolver on Saturday night in a pawn shop at Second and Market streets. He said he had paid $8 for the pistol.

   "It is about time that we had some legislation to punish people who sell firearms to boys and other irresponsible persons," said Magistrate Pennock. "At the present time any one with the necessary cash can go into a pawn shop or other place where revolvers are sold and buy a revolver without explaining why he needs it.

Says Legislation Is Needed

   "Dealers should not be allowed to sell these dangerous weapons to anybody without a license. Such legislation that will prevent the wholesale sale of firearms to irresponsible persons is needed."

   Rohr was arrested yesterday afternoon at Second street and Wyoming avenue by Patrolman Farmer, of the Branchtown station. Rohr had been firing some shots into the side of a railroad bank for practice, the patrolman says. Rohr told the magistrate he had bought the revolver to keep in his own home as a protection against burglars. He was discharged.

   Senator A. F. Daix has introduced a bill in the State Legislature providing for the licensing of dealers in firearms.

[Evening Public Ledger, Philadelphia, Wednesday, February 12, 1919, Vol. V.--No. 129 Pg. 1]

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