Sunday, July 28, 2013

Anti-Gun nut PROVEN wrong


   Cuba is doing one thing that might well be done in this country. That is its regulation of the sale of firearms. There are but four ports in the island at which firearms may be admitted--Havana, Santiago, Mantanzas and Trinidad.

   Moreover, no dealer is allowed to carry in stock more than a hundred guns; if he owns more, he must put the excess in a government storehouse, to be withdrawn by him only when his stock has been depleted. The buyers of guns are registered at the time of purchase and are subject to surveillance at all times, and nobody may buy a gun, if the authorities object.

   Undoubtedly, this is done by the government as self-protection, and the requirements, which are crude and drastic, are subject to abuse. But there can be no doubt that there is a possibility of great good in the regulations. The carrying of firearms is no longer a necessity, and is no doubt an occasion and incentive to crime.

   In Cuba the great need of the people is to get away from the gun habit and to adopt the habit of the plow, the hoe and the pruning knife. The implements of peaceful toil are the ones to which they should accustom themselves and the sooner the better for the Cubans as individuals and as citizens of the young republic. Whether the country be Cuba or the United States, the fewer the gun-toters, the better for all concerned.
[The Stark County Democrat, Canton, Ohio, Thursday,  September 16, 1909. Vol. 76, No. 47. Pg. 4]

   Oh yeah, THAT worked out REAL well, now didn't it? Interesting how that ALL countries that are. Or, a little while later, become totalitarian regimes. ALWAYS at first regulate, and then remove entirely, firearms from the hands of their intended victims. The short-sighted author recognizes "self-protection" for the government. But totally dismisses it when it comes to citizens carrying arms for their protection. He then advances that the same thing be done in the United States! Just take a look at the name of the paper this spew was printed in. That will give you an idea of just who has been deliberately betraying We The People and our Constitution for DECADES. And they are STILL doing it.

   What the author of this drool was actually advocating is treason against We The People and our Constitution. Just as many more like him/her were doing at that time period in our history. And what people like them are doing in the media tripe that is spewed forth currently. These communist/socialist types have been in our country for quite some time now. And anyone that is even half awake has witnessed the damage they've left by their ignorant 'policies'. Just take a look at Detroit if you want one of the most recent examples....


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