Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"appealing to all citizens to surrender firearms and ammunition"

 Troops Armed With Machine Guns.

   Some of the soldiers were supplied with machine guns.

   "Rioting in the streets of Omaha has been suppressed and the situation is in hand," said a proclamation issued early today by Lieut Col. Jacob W. S Wuest commanding officer of Fort Omaha, appealing to all citizens to surrender firearms and ammunition to the police or to the nearest military headquarters.

   The proclamation declared that all law abiding citizens, no matter of what race or color, would be given full protection to person and property. Carrying of firearms, the officer declared, would be looked upon as an intention to disregard the law.
Seek to Arrest Riot Leaders.

   At police headquarters it was stated that they had not yet arrested any of the leaders of the riot but were making every effort to apprehend, them. The county's courthouse building, one of the finest structures in the city, was badly damaged both by the fire and by attacks upon it by the mob. Practically every window in the place was smashed by bullets or stones during the attacks by the rioters. Pistols and other firearms, were used freely during the fight by officers and rioters.

[El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, September 29, 1919, HOME EDITION, Pg. 1 "Omaha Rioters To Be Prosecuted; Mayor Hanged By Mob Lives"]

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