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"because it is only by the final possibility of violent resistance that the final possibility of violent usurpation is prevented."

  Meeting of German Revolutionists.

A Congress of German Republicans, who place their hopes for the freedon of their coutry in a successful revolution, was held at Philadelphia on the 29th, 30th and 31st ult. Mr. N. Schmitt was chosen President, Messrs. Wagner and Furst Vice-Presidents, and Messrs. Gopp, Krug and Meyer Secretaries. The meeting was addressed by Mr. Gogg of the London Agitation Union, who urged union and perseverance among the German patriots. Prolonged and able discussions were also had upon the various points brought before the meeting. The organization of an American Revolutionary Union for Europe was determined on, and the following platform adopted:

   Object of the Union.--The practical emancipation of the European Continent, and therefore:

   "1. The overthrow of Monarchy and the establishment of the Republic, because it is only by the republic that the enormities of tyranny can be prevented.

   "2. Universal and direct suffrage, and the right of the majority of the electors to revoke their representatives, because, thereby, the future institutions will most surely be founded upon the will of the people.

   "3. Abolition of standing armies and inviolability of the people's right to bear arms, because it is only by the final possibility of violent resistance that the final possibility of violent usurpation is prevented.

   "4. For these ends, let all persons, societies, parties and nations combine, so as to destroy the oppressors of the people--because, without such combination, it is impossible to overcome the disciplined power of tyrants.

   "Means--a. Agitation as well in Europe as in America. b. Collection of a revolutionary fund. c. Formation into military corps of those who wish personally to take part in the struggle, and who will be drilled for the purpose beforehand."

   It is proposed to extend this organization among the Germans in the country, with a State committee at the capital of each State, and a Central Committee either at New-York or Philadelphia; at present this Committee is fixed at the latter city. Its office is to have charge of the revolutionary fund and generally to manage the concerns of the Revolutionary Union. It will have a representative in the European Central Committee at London. It also calls future general meetings or Congresses of the Union. Such a Congress has been called at New-York for the 17th of May next....

[New-York Daily Tribune, New-York, Thursday, February 05, 1852. Vol. XI......No. 3,370. Pg. 4]

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