Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"carrying concealed weapons and discharging firearms in the city limits"

[The Watchman and Southron, Sumter, S.C., Wednesday, March 01, 1911. Vol. XXXII. No. 3. Pg. 5]
In The Recorder's Court.

   There were only two cases tried in the Recorder's Court on Monday and these two cases netted the city something over $50.

   William Ruff was attested Saturday afternoon for cursing. On Monday when the time came for trial he was absent. He was tried in his absence and given a sentence of $5.00 or 10 days, As his bond was that amount it just covered his fine.

   Graham Grooms, white, and James Ford, colored, were brought up on the charge of carrying concealed weapons and discharging firearms in the city limits. Both of them plead not guilty to discharging the firearms and Grooms plead guilty to carrying the concealed weapon, as brass knucks were found on his person when he was arrested. The evidence was much against both of the men, although it showed the darky to be innocent of carrying the concealed Weapon or of discharging firearms. Grooms was given $15 for discharging his gun at random in the city and $25 for carrying concealed weapons. Ford was let off easy with a line of $10 for lying.

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