Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Executive [Mis]Action....


Gov. Clark and Mr. Jones Have an Expectoration Encounter.

   Little Rock, Ark., April 7--The spectacle of an honorable member of the Arkansas Legislature with rage spitting in the face of the Governor of the commonwealth quickly returned by a violent emission of executive saliva upon the features of the lawmaker, and a flourish of firearms in the hands of the Governor was witnessed in the lobby of Gleason's hotel here this afternoon and was the result of the sensational charges of bribery in connection the railroad commission bill sprung in the House of Representatives yesterday by Mr. Yancy of Phillips county.

   Mr. Jones of Marion county, one of the principals in the altercation of this affair yesterday, replied to a point of personal privilege and denounced Governor Clarke as being at the bottom of the changes. He said that Gov. Clarke was a demagogue and was going around like the assassin in the night with a knife stabbing in the back men who are his peers.

   This afternoon Gov. Clark met Jones in the lobby at the Gleason's and requested a private interview with him. Jones replied that he would accompany the Governor nowhere and that if the chief executive had anything to say to him he must make it known there. Hot words followed and in a fit of anger spat in the Governor's face. Gov. Clark trembled with anger, returned the insult and he, quick as a flash, had drawn his revolver and the  difficulty might have resulted in bloodshed but for the quick action of bystanders who disarmed Gov. Clark. The Governor who was later arrested by a constable and released on his own recognizance says he will plead to the charge of assault tomorrow morning and further trouble many ensue.

[The Daily Herald, Brownsville, Texas, Thursday, April 11, 1895, Mail Edition, Vol. III. No. 310. Pg. 1]

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