Monday, July 15, 2013

"have a much clearer right to purchase and carry arms"

Indiana Democracy.

   The Democratic State Central Committee of Indiana, at its recent meeting issued an address to the people, in which the following sound and emphatic recommendations are made:

   First That while it is the well considered and inflexible purpose of the Democratic party of this State, acting in concert with all patriotic citizens who respect the purity of the ballot and desire the public good, to maintain by force, if need be, and at all hazards, the right of the people to free and fair elections, we condemn any attempt at resistance of the laws before constitutional remedies are exhausted, and earnestly advise all men to abide patiently the action of the chosen representatives of the Democratic party at Chicago, on the 29th of August, looking forward to the coming election for a peaceful and constitutional redress of grievances more effectual than violence.

   Second In times of public peril like the present, and in view of what are believed to be well founded apprehensions of attempts on the part of those in authority to interfere by military power with the freedom of elections, patriotism and prudence alike demand that the constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms as a necessary means of defense to a free State, should not be violated nor abandoned; and it is the right and duty of all good citizens to co-operate in open lawful organizations for the protection of the freedom of elections, and for the preservation of peace and constitutional
order and the rights of the people within the State, as well as for its defense against invasion, and we especially recommend to the people in all their counties, townships and election precincts thorough organization for these ends.

   The story now agitating the Abolition papers about finding four hundred revolvers in the establishment of a Democrat in Indianapolis, and the accompanying horrors with which it is garnished in the Abolition papers, originated from the above paragraphs of the committee's address. The people of Indiana have a much clearer right to purchase and carry arms than the Provost Marshal of Indiana has to break open a citizen's safe and abstract its contents. The idea which Morton, Carrington, and Jones intend to convey in their bombastic disclosures, that the Copperheads of Indiana propose to resist the United States army with four hundred revolvers, is an absurdity and would not be proclaimed but for the fact that Morton knows he will be defeated at the polls, and invents these stupendous lies in order to have martial law declared and thus prevent fair election. It is notorious that the Union Leaguers carry arms, and for the avowed purpose of shooting their political opponents upon favorable opportunities; but these Leaguers will find themselves dreadfully mistaken if they expect to find those whom they propose to attack unarmed and unprepared for the defense of their persons. The pretended surprise of the Abolitionists at the discovery of revolvers in the possession of Democrats is perfectly well understood and is held at its proper value. If there is anything treasonable or criminal in Democrats carrying weapons for the defense of their persons from dangers with which they are openly and publicly threatened, then the Abolitionists alone are to blame for the offense, for they set the example of arming and made the excuse for it by their threats. The great Abolition meeting in Indianapolis Monday night did a good thing in denouncing secret and armed societies, and the only parties to whom the denunciations of that meeting can be properly applied are the Loyal Leaguers, in Indiana and elsewhere.

- Daily Ohio Statesman, Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday Morning, August 24, 1864. Vol. XXXII. Number 47. Pg. 2.

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