Thursday, July 04, 2013

"He said the constitution guaranteed the right to bear arms"


   Bitterly assailing what in police circles is called "the thirds degree," Senator A. 0. Stanley, Democrat, of Kentucky, intimated to the District of Columbia committee of the Senate that he proposes to offer a bill prohibiting this police method of obtaining confessions of guilt. The power of the police is often violated by them, he said, and numerous cases of the kind have been brought to his attention. He said these methods are especially high-handed usually when the man they have in their power is poor and without influence.
   Senator Stanley also voted as a member of the committee against a "gun-toting" bill for the District of Columbia. He said the constitution guaranteed the right to bear arms, and persons have the right to arm themselves under certain circumstances.

- The Bourbon News, Tuesday, December 19, 1922, Volume XLII Pg. 6

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