Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here's how a "murder capital" was created....


With Murder Wave Sweeping
City, Husbands and Sweet
hearts Are Accused.


Men Required to Give Bonds to
Keep' Them From Carrying
Out Threats.

   Since the wave of shooting has spread over Washington during the last two weeks, numerous charges of threats have been preferred in the Police Court against husbands and sweethearts of frightened women.

   Assistant District Attorney Ralph Given today authorized the issuance of four warrants against men accused by women to have threatened them. Tho warrants will be served today and the men will be brought to the Police Court to answer tomorrow.

   Three threat cases were disposed of In court this morning and in each case the men were requested to give bonds to keep the peace.

   The movement to secure from Congress a law prohibiting the indiscriminate sale of firearms in the District probably will be taken up with renewed vigor at the coming session as a result of the epidemic of murders and suicides here.

Bills Before Congress.

   Since 1908 there. has been a bill in Congress at every session relating to the sale of firearms in the District, but all of them has died peacefully in the committee rooms.

   The latest bill, which would make it unlawful to sell, exchange, or give away any pistol, bowie knife, dirk knife, blackjack, or other weapon was introduced in the House on December 7, 1915, by Congressman Thetus Sims of Tennessee.

   Although the Commissioners were not called upon during the last session to report to the District Committee on this bill, which, they said, they had not studied. They indicated that such a bill would receive their support.

Brownlow for Law.

   "I am in favor of prohibiting absolutely the sale of revolvers and, in addition, I think it should be a felony instead of a misdemeanor to carry such a weapon," said Commissioner Brownlow, who supports the police and fire departments.

   "I think there should be some law to govern the sale of revolvers," said Mr. Newman.

   The present police regulation require that dealers take the names and addresses of persons to whom they sell firearms and report the same to the police. Officials point out, however, that there is nothing to prevent a purchaser from giving a false name and address. thereby nullifying the law.

   Major Pullman already has expressed itself in favor of a stricter law.

[The Washington Times, Washington, Friday, September 22, 1916. HOME EDITION. Number 9031. Pg. 1]

   Let's see now, just how long was Washington D.C. the "murder capital" of the United States? And why is it that the areas of the country that have the most rigid 'gun control' laws have the worst crime rates? I'll tell you why. IT'S BECAUSE GUN CONTROL DOES NOT WORK. It is Constitutionally REPUGNANT. And is responsible for far more death and destruction than it was supposedly intended to prevent. The ONLY ones that benefit from 'gun control' are CRIMINALS. Both those that are on the streets, and those within our governments.

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