Sunday, July 28, 2013

"It is well for all boys to learn the proper use of firearms"

   The life of another boy has been sacrificed to carelessness in the handling of firearms, and the number of deaths over the country this year resulting from carelessness is appalling. It is well for all boys to learn the proper use of firearms, but the first lesson to be taught them is that of extreme care in their handling. Then again, a law against the possession of guns by very small boys would be of infinitely more benefit to the country than many laws that are now on the statute books. Human life is a thing not to be recalled when taken away, and all care in it's protection must be taken.

 [Durant Weekly News, Durant, Oklahoma, January 21, 1916. Pg. 4]
   In my honest opinion, the above was the proper way for a news reporter to respond to the misuse of firearms. It was an appropriate and reasoned response to a horrible situation. Although, I would have rephrased the part about the law against possession of arms by very small boys. And this by adding; without direct supervision by an adult.

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