Sunday, July 28, 2013

More treasonous spewings from D.C.....


Major Raymond W. Pullman, Superintendent of Police, makes a highly sane and timely recommendation concerning restrictions on the carrying of firearms in the District.

   He suggests that application must be made for permits to carry firearms, that a period elapse before acting on such applications, so that the character of the applicants may, be investigated, and that recent pictures and records of persons carrying firearms be kept on file.

   There would be no hardship in all this to those having a legitimate reason for having revolvers. On the whole there is no reason why the average citizen should be in possession of weapons when he is helping pay a police force to carry them for him.

   This country is so new and the traditions of the gun-toting frontiersman remain with us. When we establish a police force like that in Washington the District resident no longer, as a rule, need trouble about firearms. For the most part the only result of the promiscuous ownership of weapons will be accident and crime. Even should the owner of the weapon be law-abiding he' never can be sure into whose hands his weapon may fall.

[The Washington Times, Washington, Friday Evening, October 13, 1916. HOME EDITION. Number 9052. Pg. 8]
   Oh yes indeed! The police protected those thousands of people MURDERED and MAIMED in our nations capital city alright! Do you have any idea the amount of carnage that treasonous whimpering scumbags such as this author are directly responsible for? We The People MUST put a stop to this treasonous activity. This can be done by putting the media outlets which hype this type of propaganda OUT of business. As well as voting every politician which attempts to betray us OUT of office.

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