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"of all the jackasses that ever went to the legislature..."

The Greatest Graft of Modern Times.

Clancy Mont., May 24, 1905

To The Montana News:

   The constitution of the United States guarantees every citizen the right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness and the right to bear arms. The right to bear arms as I understand it is that a man has a right to take his gun and go forth in the mountains and kill bear or any other wild animal in the season prescribed by law all same Teddy Roosevelt.

   Now along comes a set of grafters known as representatives and pass a law making it necessary for a citizen to procure a license to carry a gun which the constitution says he has a right to carry without a license. What are we coming to anyhow?

   A man has got to give a description of himself and his fathers and forefathers away back to the time when Julius Caeser's grandmother was a little girl in short dresses and then pay a dollar for the privilage of catching a sucker three inches long or shooting a hell-diver; of all the jackasses that ever went to the legislature the 9th legislative assembly takes the cake and then some.

   Probably the voting mule will take a tumble after a few more thousand years and vote for some one who is not sold body soul and breeches before they are elected, but who will make laws for the benefit of the common people and not for the highest bidder like the grafters do under the present rotten forms of government.
                                                                                     JOHN BRACK.

- Montana News. Helena, Montana, Wednesday, May 31, 1905. Pg. 3

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