Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"or schools where the art of self-defence is taught"

   "Sec. 59. Proprietors of shooting galleries, fencing schools, public gymnasiums, places where firearms of any description are used, or schools where the art of self-defence is taught, shall pay $12 annually. But no place of business or shooting gallery where firearms are to be used, shall be licensed until the Inspector of Buildings for the District of Columbia shall furnish a certificate that suitable precautions have been taken for the public safety by the erection of iron shields and such appliances as in his judgment may be necessary; Provided that before such license shall be issued the proprietor shall furnish to the Assessor of the District of Columbia the written signature of a majority of the residents on the same side of the square or block in which the proposed gallery is to be located, and also on the side of the square fronting opposite to the same. Outside of the city limits no license shall be issued except for a suitable structure duly approved by the Inspector of Buildings. The Major and Superintendent of Police is hereby authorized to prescribe the calibre of firearms and kind of cartridges to be used.

[The Times, Washington, [D.C.], Saturday, February 17, 1900. Number 2122. Pg. 5]

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