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"prohibiting the people of Kansas from carrying arms for self-defence"

   WASHINGTON, July 31. —Senate.—The Senate passed a bill amendatory of the bill for defraying the expenses of Indian hostilities in California.
It also passed 16 Western River and Harbor improvement bills.
   Hon. J. W. Geary, of Pennsylvania, was confirmed Governor of Kansas.
   House.—The Kansas ejection case was taken up.
   Mr. Washburne, of Maine, admitted that neither Whitfield nor Reeder were legally elected, but as the latter had received more votes than the former, he tho House to admit him to the seat now occupied by Whitfield.
   Mr. Smith, of Tenn., inquired whether might or right was to prevail in this case.
   Mr. Washburne said the Honse was competent to admit either.
   Mr. Stephens of Ga, replied, deprecating the course of that party which could thus trample on the rights of the people guarantied by the Constitution in the case of Mr. Sherman's amendment to the army bill, prohibiting the people of Kansas from carrying arms for self-defence.
   Mr. Sherman, from the Kansas Investigating Committee, replied to Mr. Oliver's minority report, sn-1 endeavored to sustain the truth of the majority report.
   Mr. Savage declared the whole transaction an assault on justice and truth. He said that instead of facts, the majority report contained the grossest misrepresentations and falsehoods, not to say perjury—entitled to no credit whatever. The whole statement was a great Munchausen. He denounced the Emigrant Aid Societies—their supporters and abettors.
   Mr. Oliver, of Mo , followed, defending the minority report. He said the House would be lost to a sense of justice and decency, if it admitted Reeder.
   The Clerk of tba House then commenced to read a statement from Gov. Reeder, who is sick in Philadelphia, but the House adjourned before its conclusion.

- Daily Dispatch, Richmond, Friday, August 01, 1856. Vol. X.--No. 28. Pg. 2.

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