Thursday, July 11, 2013

"resort to arms except in necessary self-defence"

"...We cut the following from the Cincinnati Atlas of the 4th instant:
   "The Mendota left Nauvoo of Friday last, at 4 o'clock. Captain Riley furnished the New Era with many particulars, not given in the extract from the Quincy Whig, and published in the postscript to yesterday's Atlas. He says he stopped at Nauvoo for several hours, and talked with a number of the Mormons; and that while there was a body of Mormons came in, bearing the dead bodies of Joe Smith and Hyrum Smith. Mr. Phelps was not killed, but was in Nauvoo when the Mendota left, making a speech to the Mormons, and advising them to peace. No Mormons were killed except Joe and Hyrum Smith.
   "The Mormons all express a determination to keep the peace, and not to resort to arms except in necessary self-defence. They state that at Carthage the Mormons were confined: that about fifty or one hundred men, disguised, suddenly rushed on the jail house: that the guard fired on them, and wounded three of them--that the men in disguise fired into the jail and killed Hyrum Smith before the door was opened. Joe Smith had a revolving pistol, and fired it two or three times without effect, but was himself soon killed by the assailants; that Taylor, the editor of the Nauvoo Neighbor, was in jail, and was shot through the thigh, but not seriously injured; Richards was not injured...."

- New-York Daily Tribune, Tuesday Morning, July 09, 1844. Vol. IV. No. 79. Whole No. 1010. Pg. 2.

   Let's see now, it does read; "They state that at Carthage the Mormons were confined", correct? Then how can the following be explained; "Joe Smith had a revolving pistol, and fired it two or three times"? OK, wait a minute, the "guard" must have believed that Joe Smith had a right to defend himself. And this, even while he was incarcerated, RIGHT? INTERESTING, ISN'T IT?

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