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"sending of arms to the sufferers for their self-defence"

Mass Meetings Held in Various
Churches Throughout Country.

   The slaughter of the Jews In Russia, which has stunned the whole civilized world, was yesterday the theme of several of the sermons in the churches of this city. Never perhaps in the centuries of Jewish persecution has the protest against the outrages been so general and so loud as that which is being voiced In the pulpits of many faiths against the present diabolical atrocities now being perpetrated In Russia.

   Tue Rev. Dr. Joseph Silverman. at Temple Emanu-El, preached on "The Russian Crisis and the Jewish Question." In which he declared that it was time that the United States, which has helped the Cubans and the Armenians, should also extend its beneficent influence toward obtaining the amelioration of the condition nt the Jews in Russia. The members of the congregation exhibited plainly the deep grief they felt over the suffering of their brethren in Russia.

   Dr. Silverman said that a great crisis Is Impending In Russia, and that the handwriting on the wall foretold the doom of the Czar. The throne, he said, which for many decades has been tottering. Is now on the verge of complete collapse, and that the Russian Church is equally culpable with the government for the massacre of the Jews, and that by its very silence alone it is particeps criminis.

   The Baptists joined yesterday in their manifestations of sympathy toward the Russian Jews and in the denunciation of their persecutors. An open meeting was held at the Baptist Church of the Epiphany, at 64th St. and Madison-ave., at which one of the speakers declared that he favored the sending of arms to the sufferers for their self-defence. The Rev. Madison C. Peters was in charge of the meeting, and the Rev. Stuart MacArthur was one of the speakers.

   Dr. Peters. In opening the meeting, said that Russia, the ghoul among the peoples, the barbarian among the nations. Is at her old tricks again ravaging and slaughtering the Jews in the cities of her keeping. No hand was lifted against these outrages, said Dr. Peters, and so long as the hand of authority is withheld, so long will the world hold Russia responsible for the Jew killing....

- New-York Tribune, New-York. Monday, November 13, 1905. Vol. LXV...No. 21,547. Pg. 14

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