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"shall not be considered bandits, unless shown to have voted the Conservative ticket"


Grant Follows up Sheridan's Dispatch with a Proclamation.

More Woes for the Usurper Kellogg's Victims.

   Whereas, it has been represented to me by Lieut. Gen. P. H. Sheridan, now commanding the military division of the Missouri, that "defiance to the law" exists in the State of Louisiana, and whereas such "defiance to the law" consists, as it is also represented to me:

   First. In contemning the person and resisting the authority of Wm. Pitt Kellogg, Governor of Louisiana, whom I elected to that office myself

   Second. In contemning the person and resisting the authority of a body known as the Kellogg Legislature which I also elected myself;

   Third. In contemning the person and resisting the authority of one Stephen B. Packard, Marshal of the district of Louisiana, whom I appointed to that office;

   Fourth. In contemning and generally despising one James F. Casey, Collector of the port of New Orleans, who is a brother-in-law of mine;

   Fifth. In complaining of excessive taxation, and accusing my friends of stealing the public money, when it is notorious that they have no way of getting a living but by stealing;

   Sixth. in a general hatred of thieves, which, in a State ruled by my particular friends, is the strongest evidence of resistance to lawful authority;

   Seventh. In denunciation of the election law and the State Returning Board, which were both manufactured in order to enable a minority of my supporters to govern a majority of my opponents;

   Eighth. In forming armed "white leagues," when it is well known that it is my pleasure that Nothing but "black leagues" shall exist in the Southern States;

   And whereas, the Constitution of the United States has been supposed to provide that the people may peacefully assemble and petition for redress of grievances; and also that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed;

   And whereas, I am advised by the Attorney General that these two clauses apply only to citizens of African descent;

   And, whereas, I am advised by Hon. P.H. Sheridan, an eminent lawyer, now of New Orleans, that I may by proclamation declare any persons obnoxious to me to be "banditti," and direct them to be shot or other-wise executed, without further ceremony;

   And, whereas, the said P.H. Sheridan has publicly said that "there is law for it somewhere," and, whereas, I don t know but there is, and it seems reasonable; and, whereas, I have recently telegraphed to the said P.H. Sheridan that I had "every confidence in him and approved his course;"

   Now, therefore, I, Ulysses Simpson Grant, Presidnet of the United States, by the advice of said P.H. Sheridan, and under the war power, do publish this my proclamation, and do hereby declare that all persons in the said State of Louisiana who do not heartily, earnestly, and without mental reservation, support the government of the said William Pitt Kellogg, are, and the same are hereby made, constituted, and appointed BANDITTI, and I do hereby authorise and empower the said Lieut. Gen. P.H. Sheridan, and any other man wearing shoulder straw, (whether his own or borrowed) to arrest such banditti wherever they may be found, and to shoot, stab, behead, drown, draw, quarter, disembowel, or otherwise slaughter such banditti, and thus stop their grumbling about their taxes and render them peaceful citizens and content with the government of the said William Pitt Kellogg.

   In order that the said Gen. Sheridan and his subordinates may not molest any of my friends, the following rules are promulgated for their guidance:

   First A white skin, straight hair, and tolerably regular features are presumptive proof that a person is a bandit.

   Second. An intelligent countenance should never go unquestioned. The probability that its owner is a bandit is overwhelming.

   Third. Any person who is a clergyman, teacher, physician, lawyer, merchant, or other business man shall be considered a bandit.

   Fourth. Any person who can read, write, or cipher shall be considered a bandit, unless be can prove to the satisfaction of the officer arresting him that he has been indicted for crime.

   Fifth. Any person with a good education shall be treated as a bandit, without benefit of clergy.

   Sixth. Any person owning real estate is hereby declared a bandit, unless he can prove that it was bought at a tax sale, With money taken from the State Treasury.

   Seventh, Possession of personal property to the amount of $10 or over, shall be proof that tbe owner is a bandit, unless he can show that it was stolen.

   Eighth. Any person who has heretofore borne a good character shall be deemed a bandit, until the contrary is proved.

   Ninth. Persons with black skins, woolly hair, and Ethiopian features shall not be considered bandits, unless shown to have voted the Conservative ticket.

   Tenth. Persons convicted of crime or indicted therefor shall in no case be considered bandits, and for the purposes of this rule a pardon from Gov. Kellogg shall be deemed additional proof of guilt. Any person may claim the benefit of this rule who can prove to the entire satisfaction of the officer arresting him that he ought to have been convicted of some crime, and satisfactory evidence that the party so arrested voted the Republican ticket at the last election shall be sufficient proof of such liability.
   And I hereby enjoin the said Lieut. Gen. Sheridan to be vigilant and energetic in this great duty of sifting the chaff from the wheat, so that the population of Louisiana may, as soon as possible, consist entirely of negroes and thieves, and give a unanimous support to my administration.
                 Ulysses S. Grant,
   Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State.

- Nashville Union and American, Nashville, Tenn. Friday January 15, 1875. New Series--No. 1,975. Pg. 1
   Seems as if the democrats have a very long memory. For it has taken them about 130 years to roll out their payback. And I had always thought it was the elephant that was supposed to have the long memory....

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