Monday, July 15, 2013

"Such is the progress of radical tyranny...."


All militia organizations in the Southern States have been disbanded. From the proceedings of the Senate, on Tuesday, we extract:

   Mr. Wilson moved an amendment to disband all the militia organizations in the States lately in rebellion, And forbid their re-organization with out the consent of Congress.

   Mr. Wilson said these militia forces should be immediately disarmed and disbanded. Many of them were now in the habit of carrying the rebel flag at their parades.

   Mr. Willey regarded this amendment as a very sweeping provision. It was not right to abolish at one blow all the militia systems of the States.

   Mr. Wilson said General Sickles had told him, the other day, that it was most dangerous to the country to allow armed militia organizations in these rebel States.

   Mr. Hendricks did not think the such an important provision as this should be put in an appropriation bill.

   Mr. Wilson insisted on his amendment, and was surprised that any one should desire that these rebel organizations should be kept up. He did not wish, however, to take their arms from them, and would modify his amendment so as to provide for their disbanding only.

   The amendment of Mr. Wilson was agreed to-yeas 23, nays ll.

   Such is the progress of radical tyranny. The next step will be to strike out the clause granting to the people the right to bear arms. So we go.

- The Daily Phoenix, Columbia, S.C., Sunday Morning, March 03, 1867. Volume II---No. 293. Pg. 2.

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