Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"That's a bad combination,"


Several Cases Tried in the Police

   Firearms played an important part in the arrests made by the police over Sunday, and compared with past records the arrests and Police Court cases involving the carrying of concealed weapons would indicate that this practice of carrying weapons is becoming unusually common. Four defendants were charged with carrying concealed weapons in the first precinct alone, and in another case a defendant was charged with discharging firearms in the street.

   Early Sunday morning Sergt. Lee and Policemen McDonnell and Catts of the first precinct cleaned out a disorderly crowd in a house on C street, near 13 1/2 street northwest, and Richard Hawkins was arrested. When searched at the station house a revolver, a bottle of gin and a set of crap bones were found in his pockets.

   "That's a bad combination," explained the officers who arrested him. Hawkins was tried in the Police Court yesterday and Judge Mullowny imposed a fine of $75....

...Frank Washington, colored, was charged with discharging firearms. Washington stated that "some boys threw the stones into the building to test him." and that he fired to attract the attention of the police. Judge Mullowny saw no justification in the evidence and sentenced Washington to pay a fine of $5.

[The Evening Star, Washington, D.C., Tuesday, September 18, 1906. No. 16, 795. Pg. 6]

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