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"The Constitution of the United States guarantees to the people . . . the right to bear arms"

   Delaware.--At a meeting of the Republicans of Wilmington, DeL, held on the 19th inst., the following preamble and resolves were moved by Hanson Robinson, esq. unaminously adopted. They embody the principles upheld by Delaware, though a Slave State, in her support of the Jeffersonian Ordinance in '87, of the Missouri Restriction in 1819-20, and of the Wilmot Proviso in 1848. They are the principles of Delaware to-day, as her vote would show but for the interposition of the "American" organization to confuse and distract the people. Hearken, fellow-citizens! to the voice of slave-holding Delaware, and say whether it be "sectional" and wrong for New-York and Pennsylvania, the East and the West, to cherish the same convictions:

   Whereas, The Constitution of the United States guarantees to the people, without any geographical distinction, the inalienable and sacred rights of life, liberty, property, freedom of speech and the press, the inviolability of the ballot-box, the right to bear arms, and to assemble peaceably together for the redress of grievance; therefore, be it
   Resolved, That the invasion of Kansas by the Missourians, who usurped the rights of the Freemen of the Territory by forcing upon them obnoxious, anti-democratic and unchristian laws, clearly demonstrates that the Constitution has been outraged and violated.
   Resolved, That any politicians or parties who uphold or give countenance to the outrages committed in Kansas are are not entitled to the confidence of the American people, although they may be clothed in the garb of Democracy, and profess the pure principles of Washington and Jefferson.
   Resolved, That we hereby enter our most solemn protest against the Federal arms being used to give aid and support to those laws which are a disgrace to humanity, and a deep stain upon our honor and good name....

- New-York Daily Tribune., September 30, 1856. Vol. XVI.......No. 4,820. Pg. 5.

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