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"The discharge of cannons, guns, revolvers, dynamite, cannon crackers or other firearms"


Indicates Fourth of July Features
That Are Barred.

   Just what the police will permit patriotic Americans to do in celebrating the Fourth of July is fully set forth in the mayor's proclamation, which is as follows:

   Pursuant to the ordinance regulating the use of firearms and the display of fireworks within the corporate limits of the city of Minneapolis, by virtue of the discretion which said ordinance and immemorial usage vests in the mayor, I do hereby proclaim that the proper use and display of fireworks, squibs, rockets, crackers, torpedoes, serpents and other explosives within the city limits will be permitted on vacant lots, streets and public grounds under the control of the city authorities on the fourth day of July next, between the hours of 4 o'clock a.m. and midnight, subject, however, to the following restrictions"

   First--Discharges of fireworks, fireworks crackers, gunpowder or other explosives in any alley, back yard or other confined space is hereby positively prohibited.

   Second--The discharge of cannons, guns, revolvers, dynamite, cannon crackers or other firearms is hereby absolutely prohibited under penalty of law.

   Third--The placing upon the street car tracks or upon the rails of any railroad within the city limits any torpedo, bomb or other explosive is also prohibited.

   All parents are earnestly requested to protect their children against the danger resulting from the use of toy pistols, percussion caps, cannon crackers and other explosives.

   They will also kindly advise their children of the prohibitions herein contained, and caution them against the violation thereof.

   The police are hereby ordered to be vigilant and exercise discreet authority in the enforcement of the restrictions here contained.

   The police are especially ordered to arrest any and all persons discharging cannons, guns, pistols, revolvers or other firearms or cannon crackers.
       --J. C. Haynes, Mayor.
  Minneapolis, June 27.
[The Minneapolis Journal, Monday Evening, June 29, 1903. Pg. 7]

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