Thursday, July 11, 2013

"The guarantied right of the people to bear arms has been suspended"

Horatio Seymour* on Lincoln, 1864.

   Three years have rolled away. The young men that responded to the call--where are they? More than five hundred thousand of our brave soldiers now sleep in their untimely graves. Look at the debt! An immense debt! Over two millions of men have been called for since that time to bear arms in the struggle. Five hundred thousand more are to-day being called for. The nation is crushed down with taxation, and the war not ended.

   Our rights have been infringed upon. The freedom of speech and of the press has been denied us. The sacredness of our homes has been impaired.

   The guarantied right of the people to bear arms has been suspended up to the very borders of Canada.
   Four years ago a convention met in this city, when our country was peaceful, prosperous, and happy.

   Had wise statesmanship secured the fruits of the victories, to-day there would have been peace in our land.

   I will fight to the death to preserve to you these rights that have been denied to us.

   The Democratic party will put down despotism, because it hates the ignoble tyranny which now degrades the  American people.
   The results of the coming election involve the liberties of the country.

   Greater questions, graver questions--questions which come more directly home to the hearts and interests of men--have never been submitted to the people for their arbitration.

   Mothers and sisters are in trouble by the family hearth, and when there is trouble there, there is no happiness in life.

   Now is there no mode by which the people can be protected from these frightful sacrifices, and the Union saved?

   I implore you, therefore, to turn again to the wisdom of your forefathers. Turn again toward the lights of experience.

   American servitude is put in bold contrast with British liberty.

   We propose to elect to the Presidency a patriot, a soldier, and a Christian--G.B. McClellan.

- Daily National Republican, Washington, D.C., Tuesday Evening, October 18, 1864. Vol. IV. No. 277. Pg. 1.

* - One of the more famous quotes by Seymour was:
"The merit of our Constitution was, not that it promotes democracy, but checks it."

   Wow, WHAT HAPPENED, democrats? Not only have you lost your way. But you have driven off the cliff. Sad thing is, that you treasonous hypocrites are dragging We The People over it as well...

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