Saturday, July 27, 2013

"the New York coroner's office to start a movement..."

Curbing- Sale of Firearms.
   A marked increase in the number of homicides and suicides by shooting has led officials of the New York coroner's office to start a movement which they hope will lead to new legislation restricting the sale of firearms, particularly revolvers. An expert who has been in the coroner's office for thirteen years proposes to exact a high license of shopkeepers selling revolvers and compel a purchaser to have a permit from the police before he can get his pistol. Application for the permit would force him or her to give the name and address and be questioned as to the object in view. The police, it is assumed, by using their discretion, could head off many crimes right there in their incipiency. Senator Timothy D. Sullivan is supporting this plan and proposes a bill to the legislature of New York making it a state prison offense to carry concealed weapons.

   Of Course if a person is determined to commit suicide, or even murder, he might do it without the use of a revolver, but the New York laws and laws of many other states, in contemplation, having already restricted the sale of poisons, thus effecting some restriction there and reducing the possibility of self-destruction that much. No argument is required to convince people In this country of the imperative necessity for some legislation that will tend to discourage the frightful destruction of human life with firearms. For years the cry went out against the "pistol toter" in the south, the best element of the south joining in it and some good has come of the protests, but the grim records of homicides and suicides are too widespread to make this a sectional question. It is a question that should receive prompt and vigorous handling in most states of the union. The New York proposals may at first seem inadequate, but they would be made very effective. With proper restrictions laid upon the traffic of firearms and state prison penalties for violations of the law, there is reasonable basis for the belief that men would hesitate to sell, buy or carry these weapons promiscuously.
[Omaha Daily Bee, Omaha, Saturday Morning, February 04, 1911, Vol. XL.--No. 198, Pg. 10]

   Ah, so now we find out who the real instigator was for the 'Sullivan' law in New York. None of these supposed 'do-gooders' ever seem to come to the reality of Constitutional truth. Which, in regard to bringing out the true solution to the problem of illegal violence committed with arms. Is to severely punish those that have abused or misused their INALIENABLE right. THAT is the ONLY true Constitutional answer.

   And as far as preventative measures go. The only TRUE prevention lies in having as many citizens as possible at ALL times armed. Not only would this keep the criminals on the streets in line. But it would also keep the executive, legislative, and judicial criminals in line. Just as the framers of our Constitution INTENDED.

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