Friday, July 12, 2013

"The right of the people to keep and bear arms is also insisted upon."

Labor Conference.

   St. Louis, Aug. 31.--The delegates to the convention of labor leaders were slow in assembling this morning. This was due to the committee on resolutions which sent word that it was not ready to report. When the convention assembled the committee presented a long series of preambles and resolutions setting forth that the judiciary had become supreme and had denied accused persons the right of trial by jury; also had denied the right of assembly, free speech and the right of traveling on public highways.
   The following resolutions were adopted: That we hereby set apart Friday, the third day of September, as a "good Friday" for the cause of suffering labor in America and contribute the earning of that day to the support of our struggling brothers.

   If the strike of the miners is not settled by the 20th of September a general convention will be held at Chicago on Monday, September 27th, by the representatives of all unions, for the purpose of considering further measures in the interest of the striking miners and labor in general.

   That we consider the use of the ballot as the best and safest means for the amelioration of the hardships under which the laboring class suffers.

   That the public ownership of railroads and telegraphs is one of the most necessary reforms for our body politic.

   The right of the people to keep and bear arms is also insisted upon.

- Alexandria Gazette, Alexandria, VA., Tuesday August 31, 1897. Vol. XCVIII.---No. 197. Pg. 2

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