Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"These are the boys who were shooting near the reservoir."


Judge Gowans Fines Several
Boys $5 Each; Too Free
Use of Firearms.

   Judge E. G. Gowans of the Juvenile court is determined to put a stop to the riding of bicycles on tho sidewalks in the restricted district. At the regular sitting of the court Friday he had a large bunch of offenders before him and imposed a fine of $5 In each case. The boys were William Moriarty, Neil Jensen, Thomas Bishop, Parley White, Thomas Fellows, Kenneth Millier, Verner Calder, Melvin Schluter, Heber Nelson and Lewis H. Thorpe.

   George E. Wells, H. G. Hutching, A.T. Davis and L.R. Brewster were fined $5 each for too promiscuous handling of firearms. Judge Gowans read the law to them prohibiting the carrying of firearms by minors and promised to deal more severely with them a second time. These are the boys who were shooting near the reservoir. Patrolman Taylor came into range at the time and received some of the spent shot. Luckily for the cop, he was a good distance away. He promptly gave chase and gathered them in.

   William Jones was arraigned for stealing a bicycle from Frank McDonald. The wheel was returned and Jones was made a ward of the court.
[The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, Saturday Morning, May 11, 1907. Vol. LXXV., No. 27. Pg. 2]

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