Monday, July 29, 2013

This would be true, and Constitutional, 'gun control'.

[The St. Louis Republic, St. Louis, MO., Friday, June 26, 1903. Pg. 1]

   The above article spells out an almost perfect Constitutional method of 'gun control'. For it clearly accepts and understands the fact that the people do have firearms. And did so without even acknowledging the right to arms. It assumes and acknowledges that the people have arms, and that the people "use" them. The reason for having employed the term "almost perfect" in the first sentence. Is because of the overly broad scope of the prohibition. For the mayor neglected to make exception for use of firearms in necessary Self-Defense. Which is of course the main reason We The People had our preexisting right to arms secured in our Constitution. And this against all enemies; foreign or domestic. Which is also the very reason that the right to arms is inalienable. (Except of course when a citizen is lawfully imprisoned for having committed a criminal offense). With that in mind, the ideal way to have issued the proclamation would have been; "Sec. 05. No persons shall, in this city, discharge" any firearms, unless in necessary defense of life or property.

   The advocates of 'gun control', which were winning in their 'cause' up until recently. Are now losing, because their real stated intention was to ultimately disarm us. Which is of course a direct violation of the right to keep and bear arms as secured by the 2nd amendment. Enough of We The People became aware of their perverse and unconstitutional efforts. And stood up and beat them back, (although not all the way back to 1791 standards). The only reason that the proponents of 'gun control' gained as much ground as they had. Can be directly attributed to the lack of knowledge, of the importance of the right, in the great mass of the people. Who are not entirely at fault for this lack of knowledge. For the governmental 'education' system and the 'news' media had deliberately hidden and/or omitted the actual truth concerning the right for many decades. And even many of those in the various religions became actively involved in the deception.

   What is going to be advanced in the following, is completely contrary to the current methods of 'gun control'. In fact, what will be advanced here is that there be no 'gun control' whatsoever. As the right to keep and bear arms is plainly a Constitutionally secured right. And was never intended to be 'regulated' by our governments to begin with. As it would be the means required by We The People. In the event we had to put down any of our governments that had become tyrannical. That this was the original intention of the framers of our Constitution is beyond dispute. And there is a vast amount of historical evidence that places the matter beyond any contention whatsoever. It is a FACT. Therefore; "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed".

   Since the right of the people to keep and bear arms can in no wise be "infringed" by any of our servants in government. It only naturally follows that 'laws' cannot be enacted which contravene this specific right in any way, shape, or form. So what about the 'control', you may ask? The answer is very simple indeed. The laws must address punishment for abuse or misuse of that specific inalienable right. Most of which laws are already on the books. Armed robbery is armed robbery; whether it is committed with a firearm, knife or any other weapon. Just as murder is murder, regardless of the means employed to commit it. Punish for the CRIME, not the instrument utilized to facilitate it.

   Next, enlighten the people as to the true nature of their right to arms. An armed people were intended to be formidable to tyrants only. Whether they be tyrants on the streets in the general population. Or those camped in government offices clothed with 'authority'. Teach that arms were not intended for private feuds. Nor were they to be carried to "prove" how "tough" the person carrying them are. Arms were purely intended to command a fearful and healthy respect for the people that are bearing them. That those people are ready and willing to defend their lives, liberties, and properties from any that had evil intentions against them. Then, instruct the people in the lawful and proper use of arms. How and when they can be used in a legally accepted manner. As well as outlining the punishments for the criminal abuse or misuse of firearms. And that those punishments will be carried out to their full extent. This would be true, and Constitutional, 'gun control'.

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