Tuesday, July 09, 2013

"to bear arms in self-defence"


On the 19th ult., in response to a resolution of the House, the President sent in a message of information in regard to the status of the Ku-Klux in the south, which is worthy of note. Attorney General Akerman, himself a Southern man, made a visit to the State of South Carolina, to ascertain the truth by actual observation. A joint committee of Congress, civil and military officers on duty in the South, repentant and abjuring members of the Ku-Klux organization all give testimony of the murderous outrages which have prevailed there for a long time. Facts were never better proven in the world. A very cloud of witnesses certify to them. The object of these murderous combinations is to take political power out of the hands of the recently enfranchised masses. They really are the organization of another rebellion against the United States. They aim to carry elections in the interest of the Democratic party by terrifying, killing and maiming men who dare to vote contrary to their will. They aim and intend to take from the colored people the right to vote, to bear arms in self-defence, to have their children taught in public schools, and to accomplish step by step the degradation of tho black people of the South into a state of vassalage very similar to that of the slavery from which they have been so recently set free. Tho Ku-Klux Klan are not composed of the outlaws and villains of the South whom the people of character and standing set outside of their recognition. Men claiming to be the leaders therein lead and constitute these assassin bands.
   While our people are making a virtue of crying out for giving the right to vote and hold office to all ex-rebels, these fiends are institutjng a reign of terror in order to secure to themselves political dominion by disfranchising the colored people of the South. The President must be sustained, or the battles of the war for the Union will have been fought in vain.

- The Andrew County Republican, Savannah, MO., May 10, 1872. VOL. I.--NO.29. Pg. 2.

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