Friday, July 19, 2013

"unless to defend his person or property"

"Now, to begin with, nobody had any right, either legal or moral, to be discharging firearms within the city limits in the night, unless to defend his person or property. At this time, the shooting is said to have been kept up in that locality for at least half an hour. The World presumes that thoughtless boys did this shooting. It does not wish to conceive of men acting in so brainless a manner. If boys, who have parents, were conducting that carousal, the parents, rather than the boys, are censurable. If boys, who have not parents, created that furore, the State Reform school is where they belong, and there is law to send them there."--Western Kansas World, Wa-Keeney, Kansas, Saturday, April 18, 1885,  Pg. 3 - "It Must Be Stopped".

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