Saturday, July 27, 2013

Want to hear a good one? Here you go: "LEGISLATIVE RIOTS."


Kentucky Senatorial Situation Aggravated
by the Unseating; of Members
   The Senatorial election in the Kentucky Legislature still remains in an unsettled condition. Last Wednesday the long-promised scheme of unseating members began. In the House the Republicans unseated Kaufman (Dem.) and immediately the Democratic Senate unseated Senators James and Walton, both Republicans. The Republicans attempted to prevent action in the Senate by leaving in a body, but the Democrats continued their work. Shortly afterward the most exciting scenes took place in the joint session. An attempt was made to prevent the newly-seated members from participating. One of the Democratic Senators and the Republican member of the House got in, however, and voted. This prevented either party from securing an advantage over the other. No one received a majority of the votes cast. The members were greatly excited and firearms, principally revolvers, were in evidence ready for use if necessary. The Legislature acted more like a mob than a deliberative body. It seems probable that there can be no election at this session.
[The Advocate, Topeka, Kansas, March 18, 1896. Vol. VIII., No. 12. Pg. 1]
   Well, well, well, how about that, eh? And these are the type people that want to regulate arms in our hands? Now, I can understand getting into a heated argument with a democrat mind you. Because God himself knows just how much they can REALLY PISS PEOPLE OFF sometimes....     

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