Friday, July 05, 2013

"who carry arms for self-protection only"

RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS— Citizen, City.
The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the constitution of the United States. That has been construed to bear arms openly. The laws or ordinances that prohibit the carrying of weapons concealed has been held not to be in conflict with that provision of the constitution. The law against carrying weapons concealed is based on the theory that a man who carries weapons concealed desires to take unfair advantage of an antagonist or to commit a cowardly assault. The law granting permits to carry weapons concealed is based on the theory that those to whom such permits are issued are law-abiding citizens, who carry arms for self-protection only.
- The San Francisco Call, San Francisco, Wednesday, October 2, 1901. Volume XC--NO. 124. Pg. 6.
California? Who would have guessed? Of interest, is how that "theory" seems to be able to trump CONSTITUTIONAL FACT in that and other states...

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